My dedication to encouraging individuals to work outside the adversarial family court system comes from my early experience of working inside that system. My early experience as a mediator with the Los Angeles Superior Court Mediation and Conciliation Court Services taught me that providing accurate information, outlining conflict resolution strategies, teaching communication skills, and educating about the importance of personal empowerment, were extremely effective tools in discovering viable solutions - much more so than the traditional adversarial approach, an approach that only exaggerates and exacerbates the conflict.

I understand my clients are going through one of the most stressful and confusing periods they will ever experience - the reorganization of their family structure. My clients know I am genuinely interested in their welfare during this restructuring period. I provide encouragement, guidance, and direction. With over 30 years of education, training, and experience, I am uniquely qualified to provide my clients the tools they need to grow through this experience, rather than simply go through it.


It is very important for clients to know they are accepted right here, right now, without conditions. It is critical they understand my genuine interest in their situation. The best way for them to know this is for me to be honest, sincere, and genuine - and I am.

Our work together is one of information, education, communication. The integration of concepts and techniques from various psychological theories and models provides a rich background of information. With this information, we begin to identify emotional issues and behavioral roadblocks that could interfere with making sound proactive decisions. Also, conflict resolutions skills are presented to teach new patterns of verbal and behavioral responses.

Clients know they are expected to come up with options and alternatives that will best fit their stated goals and objectives. Just as importantly, they are allowed to fulfill those expectations.